Kate Holmes: Animal Art that Gives Back

White Lab and Two Boats, Kate Holmes: limited edition giclee print on canvas

Through Etsy I met painter Kate Holmes -- an amazing woman, artist, and advocate for animals. Her paintings bring a smile to my face with their animal themes, pleasing shapes, and curvy lines.

Black & White Cat with Bird, Kate Holmes: limited edition giclee print on canvas

By purchasing one of Kate Holmes' giclee prints on canvas you will be donating 15% of the profit to one of the animal advocacy groups that Kate Holmes supports.

Mexican Pony, Kate Holmes: limited edition giclee print on canvas

I think Kate Holmes' painting Mexican Pony is my favorite. I love the simple colors she chose and the stark black hooves, mane, and tail create a neat pattern. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, but now living in Mexico, Kate Holmes brings a wonderful sensibility about animals and nature that feels so light and grounded at the same time.

I hope you take a moment to enjoy more of Kate Holmes work!


  1. Gorgeous! omg, I looked thru her site.. the cat and mermaids were my faves.

  2. Thanks for sharing Kate Holmes with us! Her paintings definitely brighten up the day :)

  3. Glad these made you smile! I love the mermaids too, Chrissy :)

    1. Hi Beth ~ Do you have an update on Kate Holmes? Her website does not appear to be up. I have one of her canvas pieces of a beautiful blue bird. I would like to see more of her work. Any information you have would be appreciated. Thank you!

    2. I don't have an update. I hope she is still painting!


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