Please Pray for my Garden

Seriously folks! I really need some prayers for my new little baby plants
that desperately want to grow but keep being saddled with calamity.

Portland has chosen rain over sunshine for the
last couple weeks and now a silly hail storm.

Though it was quite a fantastic interlude to my day, during the
hail storm I kept telling my plants to stay strong.

Here's wishing we are all blessed with some sunny days ahead!


  1. Good grief! What fun weather for you! I hope they pull through the pummelling they took from the hail!

  2. praying for the sun to warm up your lil plants... They'll be extra strong when they grow up ;)

  3. Oh my goodness. I am sending happy thoughts to your plants.

  4. Oh my! I just remembered the hail storm we had last spring that totally wiped out crops and gardens in part of the area. Hope you don't get one of those. Sending your little plants prayers to grow strong and beautiful!

  5. I'm sure that if the hail didn't tear up the leaves that they'll be OK. It is disheartening, though, isn't it? They're calling for frost here this weekend so all my tender things that thought it was safe to come out of the ground will need to be covered up.

  6. Here's to LOTS of healing thoughts to your plants, Beth!!!

  7. Thank you, thank you for your kind thoughts! My little garden seems to have held together and I saw a couple of blossoms yesterday.

    Hope your plants made it through the frost, Zoe :)

    Oh my gosh, Stregata that hail storm sounds awful. Not being a farmer, I seem to take the weather for granted so its good to remember how much others are impacted. Thank you for the remembering!


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