Protector: Heart of a Warrior

silver german shepherd egyptian anubis dog charmProtector, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): silver guard dog charm

Protector, your heart is a warrior, and though you want to save, somewhere deep inside is the understanding that you are recklessly moving towards a place of remembering to let go.


This charm represents all those heroes who have found themselves amidst unspeakable disasters and conflicts. You have been willing to reach into the deepest part of your humanity and for this may you know that I honor your desire to serve and protect on this Memorial Day.


  1. What an awesome tribute and so fitting for today!. I also think it fits those that have had inner conflict as well as those that stand on principle and have the strength to stand by them...

  2. oh, I love this! Just gorgeous... Happy Memorial Day Beth! I'm going to post this on my facebook if that's ok with you :)

  3. A glorious tribute, Beth! Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day :)

  4. I just love your work so much...so meaningful and special

  5. Chrissy, I love how you described what I was feeling so accurately about this inner conflict with principle and love!

    Beth, I would be honored to have this charm on Facebook! Thank you for sharing it :)

    Catherine & Beatnheart, thanks so much for showing your love for this charm and wishing me a wonderful Memorial Day!


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