Turning a Corner

siberian iris purple flower garden
Life turned a corner and an iris bloomed in my garden.

Thank you blessed life!


  1. a beautiful sign from the universe -

  2. Hi Beth,
    I am following a stream of jewelers whose work I like and came upon your site. I really like what you are doing...very attractive. I like your PMC charms but I like very much what you are doing with them. I would buy them if I didn't have tons of jewelry :-)

    We are a mother-daughter team. We have been making jewelry in St.Paul for about fifteen years...since my daughter was fifteen! We have learned a lot and love working together.

    We just started a blog recently and would like to have you visit. We would like to connect with more jewelers. Our blog is...


    Come and visit if you wish. I see you found Dakota Stones! They have excellent products, don't they?

    Suz (and Kat)

  3. Sometimes, signs come from and in the most unexpected places....a beautiful sign, indeed! oxo AJ

  4. And what a beauty they are - both life and the iris! Enjoy!

  5. Flowers are kisses from Mother Nature...

  6. Hi Suz and Kat, thank you so much for stopping by my blog and sharing your spirit!

    Stregata, I love being kissed by Mother Nature! Thank you for that visual :)

    Mary Jane and A.J. a wonderful sign indeed...here's hoping you have some beautiful one's coming your way!

    Catherine, could iris's be anymore gorgeous? I wish I could twirl them in a dance around the room.


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