Christine Damm's Bracelet for Villa

The other day I checked Christine Damm's Blog Stories They Tell to see if she had finished her sister-in-law Villa's healing charm bracelet. Oh my gosh it's incredible! Just look at all those different charms that were brought together in one circle, and my favorite part is the colorful cascade of stones that remind me of cleansing rain drops or comforting tears.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts.
Aristotle, Metaphysica

The coming together of parts to make an amazing pattern is one of the most powerful ways to experience the creative life force surging through all of us. Christine's heart did this amazing thing by inviting other people to her circle and allowing each person to participate in this moment of healing. Villa's bracelet reminds me of a Ring Shout -- a dance ritual practiced by West African slaves where call-and-response singing and movement took place in the form of a circle. Each charm seems to call out its own healing to Villa, and I am touched to be among these beautiful voices singing their peace.

Many thanks to Christine Damm for opening up a giving space and many blessings to Villa for her comfort and healing.


  1. Beth!, omg, I love this.. such history is there in that bracelet!. It must of taken awhile for that collection... What a vintage piece...

  2. It truly is an amazing piece and I am glad to have been able to make a contribution and be a part of this magic.

  3. Thank you, Beth, for your perceptive interpretation of my intentions! It was a gift to me to have so many people participate.


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