Dolphin: Life Force & Healer

Prana, mighty life force and healer, come swim next to me in the borderland. Open my body to spaciousness and touch the places that hurt so as to lead me back to the sound of myself -- the feeling that sings without knowing why.


  1. Woohoo! Dolphins are my animal. How did you know? And even better, that is my sorority's mascot as well. I must have one of these in my story when I create it. I love it! Now...if you would just make a pansy, a pearl and a pine tree we would be all set, they all have particular meanings.... And of course a triangle, Delta would be lovely! (for change and surmounting obstacles and looking up!) Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. OMG, Beth! Out of all my favorite pieces you have created over the years, this is now my NEW favorite. You have captured the essence of the dolphins that give me and countless others so much joy here in the Low Country so perfectly, my Friend! Wouldn't you love to experience being a dolphin for a day or so? :)

  3. So glad to find some dolphin lovers out there! Erin, I love it that it is also your mascot. So many charms, so little time :) I'm loving this idea of the triangle as a symbol for looking up.

    Catherine, yahoo a new favorite! I would love being a dolphin for a day or just being able to watch them unnoticed!


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