Gem Stories: Pearl

Wind Horse, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry):
freshwater pearl, sterling silver chain, wire and horse charm

Pearls are the traditional birthstone for people born in the month of June. Originally harvested wild from oceans and rivers, pearls have captured our imagination for centuries. Many cultures have associated its luminous glow with the moon goddess, and knights in the Middle Ages even wore pearls into battle as a symbol of protection. One of my favorite stories from China is the belief that pearls fall from the sky when dragons fight in the clouds.

Beyond the wonderful stories is the simple beauty embodied in a pearl, which seems to have an uncanny power to attract love. Not only does a pearl symbolize the love offered between two people, but it also signifies that openness to receive the affection given.


  1. Hi Beth,

    I have always loved pearls. My birthday is in June, so that may account for part of it, but there seems to be a magic to it beyond that association. They reflect light in a way no other object does, with a luster and a softness not matched by the sparkle of clear faceted gemstones. I gravitate to pearls in my designs, you just can't beat them for elegance. Thanks for sharing your insight.


  2. Emanda, you lucky woman to have a beautiful June birthday! I like this idea you mentioned of the softness of their reflected light. I hadn't thought about them in that way before. Now I can see why they add a wonderful contrast to faceted gems. Thanks for sharing your love of pearls with me. Hope you had a splendid birthday, Emanda!


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