Sara Riddle: Heart on her Sleeve Photography

Cece & Bella, photography by Sara Riddle

My goal in life is to be like my dogs --
to live in the moment, wear my heart
on my sleeve and love unconditionally.
- Sara Riddle

To know Sara Riddle is to welcome in bright light. She reminds me of a firefly twinkling out in the night sky, promising play and infinite laughter. You can't help but see Sara's amazing spirit layered into each of her wondrous photos of animals and their human companions. It's the kind of photography that screams "she's got the eye." The eye that catches the deeper messages in a simple glance or movement. I am deeply lucky to know Sara and to be able to delight in her work and beloved relationships with animals.

If you love an animal in your life and live on the East Coast, I hope you invite Sara Riddle to create a lasting memento of your relationship.

Johnny Cash & June Carter series, photography by Sara Riddle

Can you believe these eyes?

Luke & Lacey series, photography by Sara Riddle

You just know this doggy has happy thoughts!

Coconut & Peanut Butter series, photography by Sara Riddle

To capture that expression when you feel a parting...sweet happy sadness

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