Summer Stunner: Lorelei Eurto

Bracelet, Lorelei Eurto
Felted wool beads: TangBaby. Ceramic beads: MyKonos Greek Beads
Lucite: Snapcrafty. Pressed-glass beads and silver space: FusionBeads.
Fine silver charms: Hint Jewelry

Last year when jewelry designer Lorelei Eurto sent me this photograph and told me the bracelet was accepted in the Summer 2010 issue of Stringing, I got so excited. There nestled among all these juicy beads was my Messenger and Plum Blossom charms. It's such a neat design with the mixture of felt, ceramic, Lucite, silver, and glass. Plus these vibrant colors are some of my warm weather favorites and remind me of a summer fruit salad or a bouquet of fresh cut flowers.

Stringing 2010 is a beautiful issue, and if I had to choose a few designs that I keep coming back to it would have to be Melanie Brook's Love's Beauty, Cynthia Deis' Elaine Ray's Garden (oh my gosh, this is amazing!), Sharon Palac Enchanted Pathway, and Lorelei Eurto Tweet Wishes.

Have you received your issue yet? Have you seen any beauties that speak to you?

I didn't want to miss showing an up close picture of this cool Lucite bead that Lorelei found at Snapcrafty on Etsy. Isn't it intriguing how the flowers in the Messenger and Plum Blossom charms complement the floral design in this vintage looking bead?


  1. No, I haven't received my copy yet, but cannot wait to see all the beautiful treasures within. Lorelei's bracelet is gorgeous, and your lovely and meaningful charms are the finishing touch to those summer brights!

    I am glad you like my Enchanted Pathway necklace, and thanks for the shout out!

  2. This is a beautiful piece! That Lorelei is pretty amazing - your little treasures fit so perfectly into this bright happy summer piece!!

  3. it makes me want sherbet!

    Beth, I have exciting news: I have awarded you a "Kreativ Blogger" award. You have finally reached the pinnacle of artistic acclaim. I would start putting this in your resume. Maybe put it on a t-shirt.

    Stop by and see your award!

  4. Striking! One of my favorite issues to date. Bummer that I am not in it, but when I open it I find so many friends. (I do have a piece in the Soft Flex ad...sort of like I am there with you!). I love it. And I can't wait to work with your charms...they are so special.
    Enjoy the day!

  5. This style is lovely... I love the colors and textures Lorelei! I also of course adore the messenger charm, and seeing it paired with the flower is perfect. This is the second blog post I've commented on today about hummingbirds, and I'm so stoked to see all of this hummingbird energy because yesterday I started planning my next painting- a hummingbird in flight! Thanks for sharing Beth... Much love.

  6. So glad everyone enjoyed Lorelei's design!

    Sharon, hope you received your issue and enjoy how your work stands out!

    Lunedreams, thank you so much for the blogger award! I'm blushing and wanting sherbert now too :)

    Erin, I'm so looking forward to the connections you make with my charms and other people's beads.

    So happy to enjoy everyone's positive energy today!

    Lauren, I finally saw a hummingbird in our backyard this week! So wonderful that you've been focused on hummingbird energy too :)


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