Behind the Scenes: Keeping a Joy Journal

One of the best resources I adopted from my Life Coach was to create a Joy Journal. When I decided to embark upon my 120 Day Challenge, I made a Joy Journal part of my motivational tool kit.

A Joy Journal doesn't have to be complex. In fact, now one of the things I admire most about people who kept diaries through the centuries is that often they wrote down some of the most mundane things like "I bought a dozen fresh eggs today."

When I was younger I use to think these factual accounts were incredibly dull and frankly a bit silly. I mean who would want to read about what someone purchased at the market two hundred years down the road? What about all the introspection, insightful poetry, and passion that should be written in a diary? Come on people, give me something to sink my teeth into!

Flash forward twenty years into my adulthood, and I've started to see the value in writing down the simple things. Maybe people do write diaries to keep a factual record for others, but perhaps there is another reason. I've begun to consider that these daily observations may have been a lot like my Joy Journal -- every day celebrations that keep you in tune with life.

Often I write just one word like "peaches" while other times it is a memory such as "laughing at cutting my thumb." Short or long observations doesn't matter to me, for the effect is the same. Somehow by showing up every day to my Joy Journal and finding something simple to say, I acknowledge the good happening around me. My journal is uplifting and emboldening, for now I find myself more and more reaching for the good in situations that feel stressful or overwhelming. My Joy Journal is one of the best tools for motivating my life, my business, and keeping me on point.


  1. I love this Beth! Thanks for sharing. I'm going to start one! Acknowledging joy amidst all life's grind and news just makes sense. Namaste!

  2. Beautiful idea to record those simple bits of joy from everyday life. I know as I get older I try to focus more on those little moments and leave the deep thinking for others. I've kept journals with the idea of working things out in my life. But I've never kept a journal just to record daily pleasure. Such a healthy idea.

  3. hi beth - i have been a diarist all my life...just for me, so i can remember...became especially important after my son was born...if you are interested, there is a great book about journaling...a midwife's tale, the story of martha ballard, written about her life as a midwife from her diaries, approx. 1785-1840's...fascinating read about life for women during that time...joy journal is such a great idea...

  4. Lovely idea! I have my grandmother's diary from 1932, she was 16, and she jots simple little bits in it. Nothing juicy at all. dangit ;) (grin)

  5. hey gorgeous, I had a therapy session today and in essence she was promoting the same kinda thing....only in my case it was more of a motivational diary to help me get to grips with my anxiety/agoraphobia.....a kinda "yes! I achieved this today!!"... write things in each day and achieve them! it's the only way to get to grips with it...I have been thinking about{well, fighting with it} it all afternoon....and then I read your post! Is that fate??

    So, today I have to get strong enough to push the negatives aside and grip the positives by the horns.....and not let go!!

    thanks gorgeous ;o)


    hello gorgeous

  6. I love how you use the journal to make unpleasant things more positive! It is how we perceive things that is important.

  7. Absolutely wonderful!
    Today, white chrysanthemums in the rain, makes me very happy!
    Thank you for the inspiration!

  8. this was so much fun! So glad everyone has been enjoying their own journal or have been inspired to start one :)

    Jean, the Story of Martha Ballard sounds really intriguing. I've added it to my list. Thank you so much for this neat book recommendation!

    Oh Donna, you are so lucky to have this treasure from your Grandmother! It must be wonderful to look through and see her thoughts and have a piece of her handwriting.

    Hello Gorgeous, I'm certain fate definitely brought us together to muse about journals! I hope you are going for it and celebrating your daily achievements in writing because you deserve all those great hugs waiting for you. I love this idea of the motivational journal and am making a mental note to try this one out in the future. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Linda, I bet you'll have some wonderful pity things to say!

    Lilla, "white chrysanthemums in the rain" was the best poetry of my day and now I"m adding these words to my own journal. thank you!

    Leann, glad you like the simplicity of this idea! I have a whole pile of my deep thinking journals that I have to remember to burn before someone finds them for I'd rather leave this one instead :)

    Miss Val, hope you enjoy a journal space of positivity in your life too!

  9. ...I've spent much time burning diaries. I had collected a lot. I decided not to collect things like that anymore, but to live in the present moment. I imagine a Joy Journal to be a bit like writing Haiku :)


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