Blooming July

tickseed 'baby sun'

Happy July!

I hope you are enjoying some time together with friends
and family, taking in some sun or summer celebrations.

I'm playing in the garden this weekend and thought you'd enjoy a peek...

tickseed 'baby sun'

perennial garden

blue catmint

shasta daisy


purple coneflower 'magnus'

bachelor's button bud

bachelor's button

Wishing you beauty every day this summer!


  1. Beth, your hubby did a fine job w/your front yard!. Don't ya just love the smell of a forest floor? That was smart to plant cilantro in those beds...Do u have any Italian parsley growing?

  2. Lovely. Thanks for the tour.
    Enjoy the day.

  3. wow, I love your little garden! So beautiful... I just got Alex up, and now we're gonna start painting Nyjah's room a very light violet color called Crocus Petal... She got a new comforter, rug, and curtains, and we decluttered... This is all in honor of her transition into preschool- Her baby room is turning into a big girl room... My baby! She's growing up :) I'm excited to see a room makeover... After we're all tired out, we'll sip on our Pliny the Elder beer from The Russian River... It's soooo good... Cheers Beth! Much love xoxo LL

  4. oh, it's been a awhile, so i'm taking a few to visits some of fav blogs. I love your garden, what beauties you have. I can smell the cliantro, yum. :)

    have a happy 4th!!!

  5. Oh! I love your garden! It's beautiful. When my hellebores have babies, I'll send you some. I hear they do wonderfully in your area.

    I didn't know that the centaurea montana bluet had another name! I'll have to remember "bachelor button"!

  6. Chrissy, thanks for the thumbs up and I'll let my husband know you love it. And yes, I love the smell. I must get out there and snuggle up with it more often now! Cilantro and some parsley, but it may not make it :(

    Good to see you Linda!

    Hi, Sandra! Hope your 4th was grand and you are enjoying your new home.

    Andrew, "bachelor button" was on the card, but everywhere I look it up it seems to just reference centaurea montana or mountain bluet. I'm starting to wonder but I just love saying the name. Now I'm going to have to look up hellebores to see what they look like. Any help with my garden would be greatly appreciated...I'm a novice gardner :) oh, my gosh, I just saw some photos of hellebores and they are gorgeous!!


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