Erin Prais-Hintz: Tesori Trovati Jewelry

I realized the other day that many of the artists I feature on my blog consistently trust their intuition. I'm drawn to people who have this knack for designing by feel not only because I value it so deeply, but also because I can't for the life of me remember a time during school when someone said "go with your gut" and how else am I going to learn what following your instincts actually looks like if I don't recognize and celebrate it in others.

Erin Prais-Hintz, jewelry designer of Tesori Trovati, is one of these amazing people who have the ability to tap into their intuition when working with shape, line, color, and texture. Her necklace that plays with Kandinsky's concepts of color and shape is a fantastic example of something that feels organized yet completely spontaneous all at the same time. I imagine Erin laying beads down, rearranging the composition, while all the time relying on her gut instincts to find the right look and feel for this piece

Revamp'd is one of my favorite jewels by Erin Prais-Hintz of Tesori Trovati because it asks people to look at previously overlooked materials and rethink them in a new and creative way. Erin encourages people to raid their jewelry box for discarded gems as a method for upcycling old stuff and giving it a new lease on life. Tesori Trovati's Revamp'd bracelet with its re-purposed beads, and gold pin as a clasp next to a Humblebeads focal point is a beautiful example of what Erin asks other jewelry designers to do in her Inspired by...Before and After challenge.

Hatching Greatness just makes me smile! I think this necklace best illustrates the clever, fun, and playful way Erin Prais-Hintz approaches design and life. I mean who wouldn't want to wear a little, blue, bird egg with a gold crown...just precious!

If you haven't met Erin Prais-Hintz yet, then you must visit her wonderfully inspired blog called Treasures Found where she shares her unique view about the world as well as beautifully crafted one-of-kind jewelry. Treasures Found is one of the places that has encouraged me to appreciate my instincts and "go with my gut!"


  1. That Kandinsky piece I think is my most favorite thing I've seen of Erin's. Whenever it pops up I can't stop looking at it! Perfection!

  2. i love erin's work and philosophy as well... and i agree with keirsten, there is just SOMEthing about that kandinsky piece that is on another level... but all of her work is beautifully conceived of and executed... the current work she is doing for a show promises to be magnificent!
    and agreed, beth, that working from your gut should be encouraged more... while i know my principles and elements, being guided by the muse gives work life...

  3. How cool that I'm not alone on this fixation with Erin's Kandinsky piece! I love that color combination, but I think it is the key paired with the red circle that is my favorite elements.

    Happy to hear you're following your instincts too, Mary Jane :)

  4. 'hatching greatness' is so incredible and Erin is just as lovely as her fantastical wares :)

  5. Great designer to feature. Erin won a prize from Soft Flex for the Kadinsky piece in 2009. It caught my eye too and it was actually one of my favorite designs entered last year.

  6. I can totally see why Erin won a prize from Soft Flex for this piece! So glad we drawn to it also :)

  7. Dear Beth....sigh...this is exactly what I needed to see and read right now. I know you told me this would be posting and I somehow missed this.

    I never realized that I must really design with my 'gut'. What you are imagining is true...I do sit there with all my pretties arranged playing with the pieces until the last puzzle piece just clicks. Sometimes it is quick and sometimes it takes a long, long time. There is always a 'vision' of how it will come together and then I know it is complete. That must be my gut talking ;-)

    You have done me a great honor and these comments have really made my day. Those are some of my very favorite pieces as well! ;-)
    Thank you so very much for making me look so good!

    Enjoy the day!


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