For the Next 7 Generations

For The Next 7 Generations Trailer from Laughing Willow on Vimeo.

This is trailer for a documentary called For the Next 7 Generations that tells the story of 13 indigenous grandmothers from all corners of the earth who have formed an international alliance to heal the earth. I've been following their story for a while through World Pulse, and now they have the story on film. I hope you enjoy their amazing beauty and bravery as much as I have!


  1. It only takes a few...This is beautiful Beth.

  2. A beautiful video! It gave me goose bumps to think that women from different cultures can come together with one common goal.

  3. Alice and Chrissy, thanks so much for viewing this video. I'm so intrigued by this project and love to know others are inspired too.


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