Heirloom Memory Necklace: June 2010

Memory Necklace 2010, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry)
silver charms: cross materials: apatite, carnelian, turquoise, peridot,
brown pearl sterling silver chain and wire

One of the best day trips while visiting Portland, Oregon is to drive East along the Columbia River Gorge and view Multnomah Falls. Last month I took my brother down the Gorge to see this amazing waterfall plummet 620 feet.

Waterfalls are ancient symbols of cleansing and purification. I'm guessing anyone who has stood extra long under a shower after a hard day can relate to how water falling from above against your body feels incredibly restorative!

Memory Necklace 2010, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry)
silver charms: lotus blossom, tree of life, flaming heart milagro, and cross
materials: apatite, aquamarine, carnelian, turquoise, lemon quartz, peridot,
prehnite, garnet, brown pearl sterling silver chain and wire, and gold filled wire

Seeing Multnomah Falls again and thinking about water as a symbol for clearing out excess emotional baggage gave me pause during the month of June, and I felt it was the perfect addition to my Heirloom Memory necklace. I decided to capture that moment when water hits the nape of my neck and flows over my shoulders, so I wire wrapped a series of beautiful, blue apatite gemstones to a sterling clasp, tying the back of my necklace together.

wire wrapped apatite gemstones to sterling
handwrought clasp and brainstorming sketch

This small addition was particularly fun for me to create because it truly looks like an abstraction of water falling, and that tickles me silly :)

wire wrapped apatite gemstones to sterling
handwrought clasp and brainstorming sketch

I've never adorned my sterling handwrought clasps, but this time I wrapped some 24 gauge silver wire around the base to capture the image of flowing water. I like how it creates a unique repetition of dark and light lines that are followed through with the wire wrapped apatite gemstones.

Water can dissolve, absolve, wash away and regenerate.
Water represents the cosmos in its entirety.
It is the liquid counterpart of light.

Dorothy May, Archetypal Reiki


  1. I just love these memory necklaces. I think you are brilliant, Miss Beth!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Beth, this is just gorgeous. I absolutely love the idea and how you incorporated a special place in to a memory piece that can be treasured and actually worn!


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