Uncommon Handmade Jewelry: LuneDesigns

Kiersten of LuneDesigns creates fabulous one-of-a-kind jewelry from a small ski town in beautiful Montana. Each of her gorgeous pieces feels like something you could either throw on before galloping away on your horse or wear at the local coffee shop to spark an interesting conversation.

Kiersten's colorful, rustic, red agate bracelet makes me think of wild horses running through a field at sunset. I particularly love how she chose to use the warmth of brass to bring the whole bracelet together.

This necklace featuring a Deep Pond pendant is one of my new favorites, and the odd thing is I've never been drawn to wear a fish! I think it's the delicate choice of beads combined with the pewter bone fish pendant that make me feel like I would be floating in the middle of the most sacred pond.

Keirsten is constantly showcasing new techniques in her shop, so LuneDesigns is a great place to find some unique wire work. It's so much fun to see how Keirsten takes simple mauve pearls and glass and dress them up with a few wire wraps.

If you want to feel look like you've returned from the most wonderful vacation exploring the wild elegance of Montana, then I encourage you to check out LuneDesigns and treat yourself to something special!


  1. Thanks so much for the kind words Beth! Doubly uplifting coming from someone whose work and writing I greatly admire--you made my week!

  2. Ooooh, how wonderful of you to feature Keirsten's work on your blog. I own one of her bracelets and necklaces and love them both. They each make me feel connected to the earth and ancient generations. Her wire wrapping and design techniques are so very unique and engaging! Hard to stop touching them :)

  3. omg...GORGEOUSNESS...really, really beautiful! Thanks for sharing her work, Beth!

  4. I do so adore Miss Kiersten. She is a delight. And to see her featured here in one of my other favorite places is a blessing to be sure. Thank you for sharing Kiersten with everyone! Enjoy the day! Erin

    P.S. I will have to post soon showing the pieces that I have made with your lovely charms! Delightful! I am working with tulips today....

  5. i love kiersten's work! i have a couple pairs of her earrings that i just love.

  6. Wow, how did I miss this post? Keirsten's creations are just lovely. Earthy and colorful--and they make me want to touch them.

  7. You are so welcome, Keirsten! What a pleasure to see you through your work.

    Kelley, you lucky girl to have some of Keirsten's grounding energy!

    Beth, it is so good to hear from you. Glad you loved Keirsten's vision.

    Fun to connect through Keirsten's work Erin! Looking forward to seeing your amazing project evolve.

    Sandra, how neat you're a fan of Keirsten and get to jangle about with some of her earrings!

    Alice, gosh I know! I really admire the colors and earthy feel that is so unique. Glad you got a peek inside Keirsten's studio!


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