Look who's been working in my garden?

Aren't they beautiful? Buzzing and gathering plenty of sweetness...

I love to sit near them as they work.
They are great company and feel like old friends.

Have you been enjoying the bees lately?


  1. What fantastic pictures... and I love the thought that the bees are like old friends and are great company. I haven't seen too many around here at the beach...but I did save a flying ant from the pool today. :-)

  2. You know that I have a thing for beads since they were a-buzzing in my studio last summer! I love your charm of the buzzy busy bees. It is on my list of faves for sure.
    Enjoy the day!

  3. Thanks Cindy for enjoying my picture! Glad you delighted in the thoughts of bees being old friends. Yahoo for rescuing a flying ant! Hope it went on to live another day :)

    Erin, thank you for being a buzzy bee fan and enjoying my design :)


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