Gem Stories: Peridot

Stillness, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry)
Peridot, the glistening green birthstone for the month of August, is quite a powerful cleanser. Helping your soul let go of old baggage, peridot not only clears up the emotional guck in your system but also heals your metabolism and skin. A gemstone substitute for Oil of Olay!

One of my favorite stories about peridot is that in Hawaii this stone is expelled from active volcanoes in molten form. As they fall to earth they form teardrop shapes and ancient Hawaiians believe these peridots were tears of Pele the goddess of fire and volcanoes.

Whatever story these gems call to mind, in its simplest form peridot is an amazing lemony-lime color that reminds me of spring and summer. They are gorgeous to wear and add a bit of pop to any color scheme.


  1. One of my most favourite stones and the gem of my daughter's birth month. I'll pass along the stories to her. She'll enjoy the Pele story as she's a bit of fire and volcano herself, in a completely good way!

  2. My birthstone is peridot. Thank you for sharing that story! I love it. It's such a beautiful color. I used to hate it when I was a kid and wanted so badly to have my sister's birthstone, amethyst. But now, the pale green is so spring-like to me and you're totally right about pairing it with other colors. It works so well.

  3. LeAnn what fun that you will be sharing these stories with your daughter! I'm loving that's she's part volcano :)

    Rose, I totally understand your lament over wanting another birthstone. I think I was ready to trade in garnet for amethyst too! It's neat how you too have learned to see a color in a new way.


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