Heirloom Memory Necklace: July 2010

While pondering what to include on my Heirloom Memory necklace for the month of July, I discovered an interesting part of my creative mind. I wanted to add something substantial to my necklace to tell the story of my summer, but the reality was that I didn't have a whole lot of memories to draw from. Feeling a sense of creative emptiness stimulated quite a bit of frustration for me.

silver bluebird happiness charm jewelrystory board and silver bluebird of happiness charm

Here's my story board for July. Pretty simple. Birds, bees, ladybugs, chickens, flowers, etc. When I looked at my sketches, it reminded me of Winnie-the-Pooh mind. Very Zen. Completely uncomplicated. Part of me wants to jump for joy that I entered a place of quiet mind, but honestly it challenged my creativity.

I'm use to spinning hundreds of ideas and then narrowing the mess down to something simple. I found it both refreshingly new and desperately frightening to be in an empty state of mind where creativity had nothing to grasp onto.

silver bluebird happiness charm jewelrystory board and silver bluebird of happiness charm

In this place of emptiness, I discovered a new facet of my creativity. Sometimes all I need to do is to change something small: a dot of red paint, a darker line, or a round shape.

Sometimes the best creativity is making the smallest refinement

As I took heart in this idea, the only thing I wanted to add to my necklace was my bluebird of happiness charm, flying in between the raindrops.

silver yoga jewelry lotus blossom tree lifeMemory Necklace 2010, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry)
silver charms: lotus blossom, tree of life, flaming heart milagro, bluebird of happiness, and cross
materials: apatite, aquamarine, carnelian, turquoise, lemon quartz, peridot,
prehnite, garnet, brown pearl sterling silver chain and wire, and gold filled wire

When I looked at my Heirloom Memory necklace laid out, I realized that this simple addition actually made quite a huge contribution to balancing my design and deepening my story.


  1. I love the depth of meaning in the work you make, Beth. Beautiful!

  2. Such a pretty, unique necklace. I love the mix of smaller, more delicate details with that large-link chain.

  3. thanks for enjoying this simple addition! I too am digging the small delicate elements paired with the larger shapes on the chain. Thank you Kelly!

  4. Oh this is so very wonderfully beautiful Beth!

  5. Janet, thank you for sharing your presence and enjoying how this necklace is evolving!


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