Recalibrating Your Hidden Beliefs

Hidden beliefs reside in the deep recesses of your mind. They're like dust bunnies hiding under your dresser -- you know they exist, but you choose to ignore them.

Once you start digging away at hidden beliefs, you see mountains of these shocking thoughts hanging around, secretly demanding your attention. Like dusting the house, pulling out hidden beliefs may feel like a losing battle so why even start. However, I like to think of this process as being an emotional archaeologist, discovering amazing remnants that are worth exploring deeper. Locating these hidden beliefs are like walking through a dense rain forest and coming upon an ancient playground where you get to imagine why it's here and what the future holds for it.

What's the point of all this? Why might this process of uncovering your hidden beliefs be an important part in your development as a human being?

One of the essential ingredients to being happy is to accept complete responsibility for your life. That's right, you're responsible for everything, including every mishap and painful outcome. Sounds unreasonable? I mean it's hard to take responsibility when he broke up with me, or she swerved in front of my car, or I was sick that day.

One of my greatest challenges is to see that everything that has happened to me or I have ever done has moved me in a direction to be right here, right now in the life and moment I have chosen for myself. Whatever life you have is the learning you were wanting. Getting in touch with your painful yearning to construct your particular life circumstances is one of the most liberating experiences. When you begin to see that life is exactly as you made it to be, you immediately become responsible for it.

You are the answer to a question.

In the universal order of things, your life is a mathematical proof. You posed a question and you are working towards a solution -- a question that can lead in many directions but have only one true answer, and you already know what it is. This life is you delighting in the question, while playing through to the answer.


A couple weeks ago in my post Fear of Success, I uncovered some of my hidden beliefs that I have been playing with for quite some time. My intention in the following is to demonstrate how I take a hidden belief and rewrite it into something that may serve to remap the course that I'm headed. It feels a lot like recalibrating the direction of my soul. Maybe a hidden belief sent me on a short detour, but by examining and rerouting it, my life may choose a new direction.

Here are my hidden beliefs concerning success:

1. I believe that if I am truly successful, I will lose love.
2. I believe it is easier to receive love, if I am rallying support from others when I am not successful.
3. I believe that to be a success I might need to be different, which could physically and emotionally isolate me from the people I love.

If success = being grounded in my true nature, then

1. I believe that if I am truly myself, I will lose love.
2. I believe it is easier to receive love, if I am rallying support from others around an act that is not true to my own nature.
3. I believe that to be my true self I might need to be different, which could physically and emotionally isolate me from people I love.


Old Belief: When I am successful = I lose love
New Belief: When I see new love unfold every day = I am available for what I most desire

Old Belief: When I am unsuccessful = it is easier for me to receive love
New Belief: When I am open to receiving love = I am grounded in what I most need

Old Belief: When I am successful = I am isolated from others
New Belief: When I belong to each moment = I show up for the best in myself

Notice how I switched the order of things around when moving from an old belief to a new belief. For instance, before my brain would think "When I am successful" the result would be "I lose love." Now I choose to change how I perceive the previous resultant "When I see new love unfold every day" so that my thoughts about success become "I am available for what I most desire." In this model for recalibrating my hidden beliefs, my ideas of success have become the outcome of my positive thought instead of the negative thinking that drives my reality.


Digging into my pile of hidden beliefs has been an essential part of my 120 Day Challenge. They're tricky little buggers, and as I said in my previous post, working with my ideas concerning success have been an ongoing process for the last five years. There may be an outcome or maybe I'm just having fun playing with my life. Whatever it may be, it certainly has enriched my learning to see what hidden beliefs have been lurking in the corners.

I hope with a smile on your face and a well intentioned broom, you too will join in the fun! I offer many blessings as you embark on uncovering the little dust bunnies of your mind :)


  1. Beth, I really enjoyed today's post. It has given me a lot to ponder. I need to go back and read some of the posts I've missed in your 120 day challenge. Thank you for sharing your journey. Your thoughts and insight provoke me to examine my own hidden beliefs.


  2. I think I need to go on a dust bunny hunt...thanks for the prompt! The question is, will I know what to do with them (as you have) once I capture the bunnies?

  3. Dana, thank you so much for your warm feedback on my post! I'm glad these words have sparked some inspiration. I really appreciated your presence here today :)

    Mellisa, have you found any dust bunnies? More fun to think of them as careless balls of dust running around on the floor!! You've made a great observation about knowing how to turn the words around. Maybe I'll have to explore this process deeper in the future to show the process of how I get to the words that change the thinking. Glad to see you today! Love your pieces published in the new Stringing magazine.

  4. It is such a powerful thing to take control and become responsible for our thoughts and beliefs.

    Have you read anything by Louise Hay? She has some wonderful books on affirmations. I am currently working on her You Can Heal Your Life Companion book. It's helping me delve further into what I believe, why I believe it, examine it and change it for the better if need be. Pretty powerful stuff, but after reading this post, it sounds like you could have co-authored it! :)

    Beth, you are such an inspiration!

  5. Hi Sara! Yes, I've read a little of Louise Hay. She's wonderful. I'll have to check out the book you're reading. Haha! You're too cute. Anything here was definitely learned from the masters. I'm just a messenger.


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