whippet photos whippets rescueDude
photograph by Tamas Mack

I had never heard of a whippet before until some wonderful women interested in my Love Dog charms told me they are a breed that looks physically similar to a greyhound.

Whippets are part of the sighthound family, which are a type of dog known for primarily hunting based on speed and sight instead of scent. Sighthounds such as Saluki have been around for at least 5,000 years and can be traced all the way back to ancient Sumeria.

I've become fascinated by whippets because they look so graceful, thoughtful and gentle. While searching for pictures of whippets on Flickr, I came across this amazing photographer Tamas Mack. Here are two gorgeous photos taken of his whippet named Dude on the beach. Isn't he hauntingly beautiful? If there ever were perfect Love Dog eyes, I bet these could make any heart melt.

whippet photo whippets rescueDude
photograph by Tamas Mack

I'm attracted to the elegance of a whippet's body and how their coat looks like the smooth, rich silk. I'm also drawn to the athletic beauty of a sighthound and its symbolic connection to Artemis the ancient Greek goddess of the hunt.

greyhound whippet dog puppy rescue charm silver jewelryLove Dog earrings, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry):
sterling silver greyhound whippet dog charms and wire

My Love Dog design was based on a Celtic illumination, and I've always assumed it looked most like a greyhound. I imagined the Celts with their hunting dogs all out on a chase when I rendered this charm. However, I never consider that this design may have represented sighthounds and all their various breeds. What a wonderful surprise to be introduced to the poetry of whippets through these charms for now I've fallen in love with these beauties!


  1. my friend had 2 whippets and they would run w/her and her husband... 4 lean runners... stef and her hubby resembled their dogs.... they looked great together.

  2. Our puppy's name is Shanti Artemis! Heehee! Love your thoughts on this... and I like knowing your inspirations for all your charms. So fun!!

  3. they are gorgeous {and haunting} pics Beth!

    Whippets are amazingly fast dogs too....if you ever get chance to be in their company you will be truly amazed at their speed ;o)

  4. What a marvelously magestic animal! I don't have time in my life for a pet at the moment, but I fantasize about getting a dog again. I love these dogs. Very stately. And your charms do look like that! Enjoy the day, Beth!

  5. I've always admired this breed too, like a mini-greyhound. I love their economical, curving lines, and delicacy. (And I love the obvious happiness of your "love dogs"!)

  6. This is so funny because I was just looking through your etsy store to see if you have a ladybug charm and I noticed the "love dog" charm. I've seen it a few times before, and I was always note that I should buy it for my best friend who has a whippet! In fact, he's sleeping next to me on my couch right now - I'm doggy sitting for him. They are wonderful pets. Very loving and emotional.


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