Any Season Earrings: Tree of Life

silver charm tree of life earrings jewelryTree of Life Earrings, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry):
silver tree of life charms, sterling silver wire,
mixed green, yellow, blue, black tourmaline

I created these Tree of Life earrings while thinking of fall, but looking at them now, I'm guessing they could be worn at anytime of the year. I was imagining birch trees with their bright yellow leaves against a brilliant blue sky, but they could easily symbolize a sunny spring day with green leaves ready to unfurl.

Finding a timeless color scheme like this one tickles my fancy because who wouldn't want to wear a favorite pair of earrings year round. Usually turquoise is my any-day-of-the-week stone, but these mixed tourmalines I found buried in my stash are just too darn lovely to go unused. Do you have an any season gemstone or color scheme you like to use?


  1. u have definitely captured the earthiness.. love those colors..

  2. Those stones are gorgeous. Maybe garnet? or peridot?

  3. thanks gals!

    I bought a string of mixed tourmalines last winter and these are the colors I rarely use. Aren't they amazing? One is almost black.

  4. Gorgeous colors, Beth, and I love your wire wrapping! Knowing me, I would probably use pink tourmaline, along with the green~~I wonder why? :~)

  5. Haha! Elaine, you know it was a struggle for me not to use the pink ones...but I restrained myself :)


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