Gem Stories: Sapphire

silver crescent moon necklace jewelryCrescent Moon, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry):
sapphire, freshwater pearls, sterling,
and fine silver crescent moon charm

I love the deep blue sapphires in my stash and always feel a sense of calm after wearing them out around town. Come to find out sapphire is the Prozac of my gem collection, acting as a wonderful antidepressant and encouraging inner peace.

The birthstone for those born in September, sapphire is the wisdom stone, guiding kings and emperors while offering protection from the madness of falling love. Although I don't know why anyone would want to miss out on love's wild ride!

I definitely feel a kinship with sapphire and its sometimes mysterious ocean blue color. Sapphire feels like a reliable, steady-as-she-goes type of stone. Like our boys and gals in blue, a sapphire is going to show up for me and be there through the roughest seas and darkest nights.


  1. Love Sapphire!
    Am wondering, where do you get your gorgeous stones? do you recommend a certain vendor?

  2. Honestly, I've had the most luck with price and quantity by finding gemstones at bead shows. We have a big one in Portland during September and I load up on whatever I need. Unfortunately, most of these vendors don't do online sales.

    These sapphires pictured here were purchased down at the Tucson bead show and I got them through Bead Palace Inc www.beadpalaceinc.com Their online presence is so small compared to the assortment they offered at the bead show, so I don't even know if I'd try doing online with them.

    I have also had some good luck with vitabeads.com. And their quality has been fairly consistent.

    Last year I found some beautiful sapphires on Etsy, but I believe that seller closed shop. If I just want a few of something I'll usually search Etsy or Ebay for my specific size and cut (i.e., 3mm faceted sapphire) http://www.etsy.com/search_results.php?search_query=3mm+faceted+sapphire&search_type=all

    Usually there is always someone with something I can't resist :)


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