Welcome Home, Sierra!

It's been a long wait, but the right kitty found a home in us. Meet Sierra, our newest edition to the family. Championed by my husband's love for a tortie kitty, Sierra's sweet spirit has fit perfectly into the heart of our family.

Only four months old, Sierra, our rescue kitty, has seen both a tremendous amount of misfortune and love. Born during the spring, Sierra at four weeks old was abandoned along with her litter mates when her owners decided to relocate.

It was our good fortune, that Sierra was accidentally found by a kindly realtor before she passed away like the rest of her band of brothers.

Sierra's story starts out grim, but through the amazing loving hearts of two foster families, this beautiful survivor has developed an inner strength that has me transfixed.

Many thanks to the blessed soul who rescued Sierra, to the foster mothers and fathers who have patiently nourished and loved her, and to the Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals (OFOSA) for keeping her safe so she could find a home in us.


  1. She is beautiful! Congratulations on your new fur bebe! She's such a gorgeous color!

  2. omg, Beth, she looks just like mine except for being a dilute tortie... same face shape.. vet said mine had a bit of persian in her.. looks like yours may be too.. 'teddy bear' shape face is the sign of a persian...

  3. She's beautiful! Thank you for giving her a forever home. My family and I have two rescued greyhounds and two rescued cats, one of which found its way to us after being rescued post-Hurricane Katrina. Their capacity to love and thrive despite the hardships endured in their youth is amazing and inspiring.

  4. Sierra is beautiful! The story does turn out beautifully! I have 2 adopted kitties myself who were strays on the streets together (best buds). It brings me happiness each day knowing that I have given them a great home.

  5. namaste Sierra.... :) You are so fortunate be where you are now... and I'm so glad you stayed strong little kitty... there are good times ahead... prrrrr

  6. Welcome Sierra! She couldn't have found a more loving home.

  7. A sad story to start but she's in good hands now :)

  8. Bless you, beautiful Sierra, and welcome.

    Thank you, Beth, for giving her a wonderful home.

  9. I'm so glad that Sierra found a good, loving home to come to! Our first cat, Mystique, who passed away last year was dumped )with 2 of her sisters) in a box under the freeway...Luckily, it was across the street from a PetSmart, and they found all of them good, safe homes. She had mange and ringworm when we got her, but she bounced back and was a wonderful kitty...

    All of ours are rescues (we have 4) - 1 was a "found" kitty here at work, 1 from the SPCA, 1 from a PetSmart charity, and 1 from a different PetSmart charity (who had rescued him from death row at a shelter)...

    I love and am thankful for all pet parents who take in poor, abandoned rescue kitties (and doggies) :o)

  10. Thank you to everyone for the warm wishes! Sierra is nestling into our home and it was so great to hear all your stories about other rescued animals.

    Katie, Mystique sounds like she must have been one strong spirit!

    Val, how lucky you are to have two orphan kitties that have found friendship. What a beautiful addition to your life :)

    Jakk, blessings to you for rescuing these wonderful animals after Katrina! Thank goodness for big hearts like yours.

    Chris, what a wonderful idea! Part Persian :) wouldn't that be lovely. Give Kalei a big tortie smooch from Sierra.


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