Will you be mine, Miss Kiki?

What a delightful surprise to have Hint Jewelry charms featured on the blog of Sara Riddle -- one of my favorite photographers. Isn't this the most endearing photo? Meet Miss Kiki, one of Sara's four-legged friends and morning wake up call. Here Kiki is sporting Hint's Be Mine heart charm along with all her other vital statistics.

I told Sara that I wish my cat wore a collar so he could have a piece of my heart around his neck every day! I'm just tickled pink that Hint Jewelry charms could be talismans for animals too :)

If you are a jewelry designer that wrestles with photographing your work, be sure to check out Sara Riddles post on Hint Jewelry, for she out did herself with some inspiring images and helped me see my charms in a whole new light.

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  1. Thank you Beth, you are such a sweetheart! I had actually been looking for the perfect charm for Kiki for almost a year - then I got the idea to use one of your charms instead! When I put the heart charm on Kiki it reminded me of the moment in Lady and The Tramp, when Lady gets a fancy new collar and she intrinsically knows just how special and loved she is. Miss Kiki said that she will absolutely be yours (she's such a ham)!


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