Autumn Moon Themes

silver crescent moon charm cat spider necklace jewelrySalem Memories, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry)
crescent moon, scary cat, and spider silver charms
spinel, brown and white pearl, carnelian, peridot, emerald,
and apatite gemstones; sterling silver chain and wire

Autumn is the time of the year when the moon becomes the leading lady in our celestial play. She is at her fullest around the autumnal equinox, and for that we all seem to drink in her splendor during September and October.

Is it just me or do you also notice that all your female friends seem a little bit more gorgeous at this time of the year? It's as if we all feel closer to something that is innately feminine, and for this I love being able to think on the moon during the months of fall.

I've never been to a Japanese moon-viewing festival (Tsukimi), but I've often wondered why Western culture hasn't kept up with a celebration so elegant. Have we forgotten about our leading lady and how she needs to be pampered and adored? Is there some mainstream American moon festival I've been missing out on?

Well, until I figure it out, I've created this necklace as a response to the moon. A piece honoring all those ancient witchy women, their spidery emotional webs, and catty truth telling tongues! This autumn may you enjoy and celebrate your deepest feminine nature -- your moon Self :)


  1. What a great October necklace - gives you the Halloween vibe without being too limited to just that holiday! Love it!

  2. "A piece honoring all those ancient witchy women, their spidery emotional webs, and catty truth telling tongues!"

    Great phrase... :)

    You know I love all these charms... they look great together too.

  3. Thanks for seeing this as a necklace that could be worn at other times of the year!

    Lauren, why am I not surprised that you love these words? From one witchy woman to another :)


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