Backyard Sanctuary: Adding Compost

The next step in preparing our backyard sanctuary garden was to have one unit of compost delivered. This is a picture of the dump truck that left it's load on our front lawn. What a cool experience watching the truck unload the compost...made me wonder why I wasn't more into dump trucks when I was a kid!

Here's my husband hauling the compost from
the front yard to the back with a wheel barrel.

He made all these neat piles of compost, which we then
spread out three inches thick over the existing dirt.

My husband rented that beast of a rototiller again and mixed
the compost into the earth. Now our dirt is prepped
and our garden is ready to be planted. Yahoo!


  1. What a job! Two years ago I started my own compost pile in a metal trash can. My family jokes about my my lack of 'dirt' because the can is only about 3/4 full. Oh well, its a start.

    I can't wait to see your finished sanctuary, and only wish I had half your energy.

  2. Haha Alice! At least you started one :) It seems like it may be more complicated then it looks. Every time I start reading the instructions on making a compost pile I start getting a headache. So kudos to you for taking on this new endeavor.

    Thanks Petra!


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