Four Season Container Garden

I decided to plant a four season container garden in our front porch pots. I found this article from Sunset Magazine's 1996 fall issue for how to create a four-season color pot. Here in the Northwest our weather is so mild that fall is the perfect time to plant spring flowering bulbs under winter bedding plants so as to add color throughout the coldest months of the year. I found some directions at eHow for how to plant bulb and pansy combination.

In my front containers, I planted dwarf tulip and iris bulbs underneath my colorful mix of winter pansies surrounding a boxwood. I saw this boxwood pansy arrangement over at Flores del sol's blog and liked how this bush was paired with these cheerful flowers.

After New Year's I can replace my pansies with primroses; spring I can add calendula, English daisies or wallflowers; and summer I can change my annuals out with ageratum, geranium, lobelia, marigold, or petunia. What a fun way to have a small ever changing garden!

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