Gem Stories: Tourmaline

mixed tourmaline

I was looking for something to photograph with my strand of mixed tourmaline gemstones, when I saw this faded echinacea blossom out in my garden with all the same colors. What a wonderful surprise to see how nature replicates the same palette in different places!

Tourmaline is one of the birthstones for the month of October and comes in a variety of colors. Pink tourmaline is a delicious gemstone to use in jewelry because it has a sort of watermelon-ish glow. It feels cheerful and friendly to me and when mixed with other gems it takes on a life of its own beyond the just color pink, and no wonder for it acts as an aphrodisiac, attracting love into your life!

Green tourmaline works with another aspect of the material world -- financial wealth and prosperity. I've come to think of tourmaline as that little, colorful spark -- a good fairy -- that motivates you to seek out love or new business opportunities.


  1. that echinacea is gorgeous w/the tourmalines...i wished i could have kept mine alive!.

  2. Ahhhh, tourmaline is one of my fav stones!

  3. i adore tourmaline (doesn't hurt that i am an october baby)... and you described the pink perfectly... that echinacea blossom is wonderful!

  4. Chris, the echinacea is still going! Sorry you haven't seen it last :(

    Glad to meet some other tourmaline lovers out there!


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