Owl Moon

silver owl charm jewelry necklace braceletOwl Moon, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry)
silver charms: eclipse moon, saskia owl, hope acorn
gemstones: iolite, grey pearl, moonstone, citrine, sapphire, spinel

I love fitting different symbols together to see how they visually relate to one another. I suppose it might make sense to put Hint's owl charm with a crescent moon, but I thought that this eclipse moon created a neat repetition of circles with the bird's full round face and the plump acorn.

This fall themed necklace also gave me a chance to explore the subtle color combination of gemstones in blue, grey, gold, and brown. I've now become intrigued by this mixture of sapphire and brown spinel.

Have you been surprised by any new color or pattern combinations lately? How are you stretching your design instincts?


  1. your necklace is beautiful and i love mixing gemstones as well - and then seeing how their metaphysical properties work together... i have learned a new technique that has allowed me to go deeper into certain feelings and places...

  2. Thanks Mary Jane! Now I'm curious to know what your new technique may be...


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