What's Hiding in the Forest?

silver raven crow hedgehog frog charm jewelryWoodland, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry)
silver charms: hedgehog, raven (crow), toad (frog)
gemstones: citrine, peridot, amber, emerald, garnet, tourmaline, carnelian

Who might be cavorting with a hedgehog for some spooky forest fun? Why maybe a crafty, old raven and a wickedly, poisonous toad.

This design idea came about because I was wondering what my frog prince charm would look like without his crown. As Halloween neared I realized that I had a toad on my hand -- perfect for adding to potions and witches brew.

Well, I suppose this ensemble could be less sinister such as a scene out of The Wind in the Willows, but for the moment I was imagining some scary forest stories :)


  1. your gem colors are pure Fall..gorgeous.. love the look of the frog..he looks like he is saying "oh"..lol

  2. Hi Beth,
    Was reading your last few entries about your diet. I started following a better diet in 1989 after reading the Fit For Life books by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. Marilyn has a wonderful cookbook. While written many years ago, I think it’s still in the bookstores.

    Here's some websites you may want to check out:

    I have Dr. Fuhrman's books (Eat to Live), which are great, and, what I love is he IS a trained medical doctor. His site is a wealth of information. I've also been a member of ANHS for 20+ years: they have a good newsletter.

    I commend you for taking control of your health and body. It's too bad that these concepts do not get the recognition they deserve. Unfortunately, it's all about the drug companies, lobbyists and bottom lines in our country. Sad, when you witness everyday the obese path people are walking down.

    PS - Woodland is too cute.


  3. Chris, thank you for seeing how my frog is singing "oh"! I try to do that with some of my animals. They're my little chorus :)

    Sandi, thanks so much for all the links and book recommendations. Glad you've experienced better health and well being.


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