Writing About Chickens

silver urban chicken charm necklace rooster hen chick farmFarm Girl, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry)
gemstones: pearl, ruby, orange moonstone, garnet,
amber, green tourmaline, carnelian, citrine

I created this farm girl inspired necklace to get me in the spirit of writing about chickens. None of my chicken charms have a story as of yet, and for some reason I've been procrastinating more then usual.

Any ideas? Do you have a special connection with chickens? If so, what draws you to their nature? Over the summer my favorite tidbit about raising urban chickens was learning that sometimes hens will become "broody" and sit on her eggs for an extended length of time. Apparently, this can become quite a serious health risk for the chicken as she may not eat or drink. I was touched by this idea that a creature could become so overly dedicated to the nurturing of her offspring that she neglects herself.

Do you have any chicken stories to share?


  1. LOL, I remember commenting about putting the rooster, mama and baby together... this is so sweet.

  2. what a great creative parallel. i don't have any actual chicken stories, but i do that all the time with jewelry designs. sit on them WAY to long until i make myself sick. i'm going to think of myself as "broody" from now on and tell myself to GET OFF DEM EGGS!! they will hatch just fine with a reasonable amount of sitting on.

    i've always liked depictions of roosters. great lines and colors. love yours!

  3. The only chicken story I have is from my childhood, and being frightened that one of the hens would peck my eyes out, or a snake would drop down from the rafters of the chicken coop while attempting to gather eggs at my grandmother's. I'm guessing that's not much help.....

    The chicken charms are sweet!

  4. Chris, that was good thinking! thank you :)

    haha, Kiersten, I love how you applied this broody idea to your art :)

    Alice, that sounds scary! Hmmm...I'm hoping there is something happier out there :) Thanks for enjoying these charms.

  5. I would love to purchase one of these chicken charms, however, I did not find them on your site. I keep a flock of 8 backyard chickens and I would love to feature this necklace on my blog to share with my readers. I have over 13,000 visitors per month. The website is www.tillysnest.com Would you please email me with details? Thank you, Melissa



I'd love for you to share your ideas and stories on my blog! Please know that I may not always be able to e-mail you a direct response, so be sure to check back to my blog and continue the dialogue. Many blessings for connecting with me through word and image :)