Batches: Whimsical Sugar Cookies

lisa batches sugar cookies bumble bee
Lisa, owner of Batches on Etsy, has one of the best mottoes around -- "May Your Cookie Jar Always Be Full!!!" Though I'm monitoring my sugar and flour intake, I can still take delight in Lisa's sentiment that seems to say "may you always have something good to share with others."

Some days you may feel like your cookie jar is empty, which is where I was at about a week ago when Lisa visited Hint and sparked a wonderful exchange about baking. I immediately had to go check out Batches and was greeted by the most whimsical, sugary confections.

Oh, you know I desperately want to eat a cookie that has a bee on it!!!

Batches cookies look like the perfect handmade birthday gift for a youngster or maybe a special treat after a decadent lunch with girlfriends. I'm partial to ladybugs all year round, aren't you?

Whatever the occasion, the sugary creations from Batches are meant to be shared between loved ones and in some small way is an opportunity to fill up the cookie jar of someone else.

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  1. How nice! It is wonderful to hear another person's interpretation of my work and my words. Pleasejoin my fanpage on Facebook as well at http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Cookie-Jar/132202220148259?ref=ts

    I am so glad to have come across your work. I love the addition to my bracelet. Did I tell you that I make jewelry as well? We have a very similar style! I can't wait to make another purchase. The moon and the stars is next. I just did a cookie set of this theme and it will be featured in a VERY prominent website soon!


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