End of the Year Holiday Sale on Handcrafted Jewelry

From now until the end of 2010 all handcrafted jewelry in my shop will be on sale 50% off the retail price. Unfortunately, I am unable to make any modifications on sale items, so everything will be sold as is, and I will not be able to produce at custom design at this pricing.

If you have been appreciating one of my necklace or earring designs over the past couple years, this will be the last opportunity to purchase handcrafted jewelry from Hint Jewelry, because starting in 2011 I will be revising my shop's business concept to focus solely on charms and sterling charm necklaces.

Whatever handcrafted jewelry doesn't sell by the end of the holidays, I will be deconstructing and recycling parts.

Here are a few items you can find in the Hint Jewelry sale section of my shop.

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