Garden Diary: Planting Bushes and Trees

We had never landscaped a yard before so my husband found Elaine Hutson, a master gardener in the Portland area, who was willing to do all the designing while leaving the job of planting to us. It was more fun then I had anticipated. Elaine Hutson showed up with a truckload of bushes, placed all pots, and then provided guidance for planting the trees.

The rest of the planting was up to us, and we had quite a lot of fun out in the rain, getting muddy and meeting our new backyard shrubs up close and personal.

Here's our Buddha under a Red Heavenly Bamboo
and some blueberry bushes.

I love our new Forest Pansy Redbud tree.

My husband picked out some raspberry, marionberry,
and strawberry plants from the Portland Nursery and
put them alongside our fence for some fun fruit picking.

This corner use to have a butterfly bush that had run amuck, but
now it looks great with our Crepe Myrtle and Camellia.

Here's the latest view of our backyard complete with the bird feeder back in business. Next step is planting perennials and a raised bed vegetable garden in the spring. Until then, I'm just looking forward to watching the animals nestle in :)


  1. How wonderful!!! Can't wait to see the seasonal growth pictures as it fills in and fulfills this "renovation" of the outdoor space you have rejuvenated. My garden is constantly changing, but I try to stick with mainly native plants, and the animals are there constantly… My all time favorite perennial has been the cone flowers in my garden. Early growth, long lasting durable flowers with seed heads that feed the goldfinches through winter…

  2. I am really enjoying seeing the transformation of your back garden! We have good friends in Portland that we visit each summer and I am always fascinated with the variety of plants you can grow out there. And with how quickly things grow. Your garden will fill in before you can blink.

  3. What a serene and lovely environment to be in! I love the Buddha and the red bush. I think we will be looking closer at the landscaping on our new home next spring. There are some weird bushes in spots and some half-finished landscapes. I would even be willing to do the work if someone with knowledge like that would do the planning! I have a friend who is a master gardener so I will see what she thinks about that at lunch...today!
    Enjoy the day, Beth!

  4. ooooo, how FABULOUS!!! I am SO jealous of your garden makeover...can't wait to see future updates on any new "residents" and the life of the shrubs! ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

  5. Marsha, I'm with you...those purple cone flowers are the best! Love that you are keeping to native plants. Thanks so much for visiting our garden :)

    LeAnn, I know I feel so lucky. Things just endlessly grow and bounce back when they look like they might die. I'm looking forward to seeing it fill in :) Thanks for checking out our new space!

    Erin, it was so wonderful not to have to guess about things! I hope you find someone to work with you :)

    Sue, thanks so much for loving our new space and you just reminded me that I need to take some pictures of the squirrels who are just digging their own feeder.


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