Gem Stories: Citrine


This gorgeous hunk of citrine sits in the the farthest back left corner of my house, which is apparently the place of wealth. Haha! I don't know how much prosperity it is bringing into my life, but it's sure dazzling and inspiring to look at while I work.

A wonderful symbol of the sun's life giving energy and the birthstone for November, glittering citrine teaches abundance in all forms. This prosperity could mean material possessions or success, but lately I've been focusing on a more subtle form of abundance -- the existence of many options in all situations.

I imagine citrine to be like a school guidance counselor. When faced with a dilemma where I feel a situation is beyond my control, and I seemingly face one option, a great counselor like citrine is my reminder that there are many possibilities if I open and choose to see them. This change in thinking is truly living a life of abundance :)


  1. Sweet - hopefully it brings you wealth, but if not, at least its beautiful! :)

  2. Gardanne, citrine has slowly grown on me...what fun to know it's one of your favs.

    Well, it seems to be working for the month of November and December anyway!!


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