Heirloom Memory Necklace: October 2010

Memory Necklace 2010, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry)
silver charms: lotus blossom, tree of life, flaming heart milagro,
bluebird of happiness, karma wave, and cross
materials: apatite, aquamarine, carnelian, turquoise, lemon quartz, iolite, peridot, prehnite,
garnet, brown pearl, citrine, sterling silver chain and wire, and gold filled chain and wire

I wore my heirloom keepsake Memory Necklace around for a couple weeks to test it's design, and I came to the conclusion that instead of linking three layers, the concept functioned better as individual pieces all worn together.

I love how linking together and breaking apart became a deeper symbol in my mind for the relationships we create. Sometimes we gather together with people we love for holidays, celebrations, reunions, etc. and then we move apart again. However, this binding together and pulling away motion is constantly occurring in our lives and is something we can depend upon.

To best symbolize my life during the month of October, I chose sunlight. Fall in Portland, Oregon this year was magnificent and an amazing counterpoint to our drenching spring. I appreciated watching nature balance itself out and give us an endless summer.

Using gold-filled chain and citrine, I brought together the energy of life giving sun and the nourishing rain from spring.

Each necklace has it's own powerful story and presence, and now I'm totally enthralled with how many different combinations I can create with three designs instead of one.


  1. Beth, I love your interpretations... The karma wave is perfect.. it definitely depicts what karma is....wow!.

  2. I love all your work and the inspiration you pass along. Simply beautiful. I have your lotus and zen leaf strung with a turquoise drop I made and a tiny piece of blue steel. I wear it every day. It speaks to who I am.

  3. Thanks Chris for loving the karma wave and how it tells my story!

    Linda, I'm so touched that my charms are on your totem necklace! Thank you for appreciating the spirit of these charms :)

  4. Um. YUM! This is ah-maze-ing!

  5. thanks Gaea! hope you are well :)


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