Isn't it fun to hunt for something?

Often it's easy to find, and other times not...
but the hunt was fun nevertheless :)

What have you been hunting for?


  1. Gorgeous kitty u have there!. Mine loves to watch birds and lizards.,...

  2. How regal your cat is. Or did a mountain lion invade your sacred garden space? ;-)

    I am hunting for more hours in the day. And my creative mojo. I wish she would come back. I think I may be chipping away at her though... She will relent and come back soon (I hope.)
    Enjoy the day!

  3. Like Erin, I'm searching for a way to get more hours in the day. Also, I'm searching for a vintage dress form to use as a display for my shows. The only problem is that I've spent my budget for the year (so I guess I'm searching for a little extra cash too).

    I love watching cats on the hunt.

  4. Chris, ooooh lizards. That would be a new one for my cat! They are so endlessly fascinating when they hunt.

    Erin, sometimes I imagine him as a mountain lion...he loves to pose for the camera though :) When you find more hours in the day will you share your secret? Creative mojo, I understand very well. Patience and tender loving care seem to be some of the best medicine :)

    Alice, I just love those vintage dress forms and it seems like people find them quite randomly. I hope you find yours and some spending cash :)


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