Trip Around Mount St Helens

Mount St. Helens, Washington, Beth Hemmila

At the beginning of November, family visited us in Portland, and we decided to take a day trip up to Mount St. Helens in Washington. We were lucky enough to experience the most beautiful weather and an opportunity to picnic near a magnificent volcano. Many people make the trip around the northwest side of the mountain to Johnston Ridge Observatory, which is neat because you get a lot more history about the volcano; however, we like to explore the south side of the mountain where you can hike through Ape caves (lava tubes) and Lava Canyon. There is also a fun interpretative walk through the Trail of Two Forests, where imprints of an ancient woodland remain after a lava flow ripped through the area.

This winding southern route is one of the most gorgeous fall drives and provides incredible views of Mount St. Helens and Mount Adams.


  1. Beautiful! I'd love to visit there someday.

  2. That is beautiful. We really do live in an amazingly lovely country. Hmmm... do I see mountain charms in your future, Beth?
    Enjoy the day!

  3. Southern Washington is a gorgeous place to hike around, Alice! I hope you get a chance to make the trip.

    Erin, haha! Could it be that a mountain charm could be my way of doing UP...your ever curious love of the triangle?? I'm deep into a book that is set in the Himalayas which is one of my favorite places on earth and a childhood nickname. Himalaya = Hemmila Maybe you've just pointed me in the perfect direction :) Thanks sistah!


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