Winter Wonderland

If you grew up with snow, I'm guessing there is nothing more nostalgic then a winter scene such as the one pictured above: silent snowfall, a cozy cottage deep in the woods, a deer nestled under a pine tree, and stars twinkling in a sapphire sky.

Even though my chance of snow in Portland this year is doubtful, I'm sure I'll be imagining sitting in the middle of this daydream once or twice before the end of winter.

Do you have a favorite wintry scene that brings you peace?


  1. It's just from last year, but nothing else brings me quite so much wintry peace. Sitting at home, looking out my big front bedroom window down the hill and past the sunken expressway a couple blocks to Lake Superior, and seeing the snow swirling around in the orange street lights-- and the muffled silence of winter, occasionally punctuated by the grinding of the plows as they tried to clear the road.

    I've moved since then, but this memory is crystal clear, and I go to it often. It feels so tranquil.

  2. Oh Amy, that must have been so beautiful. I've never seen Lake Superior up close and personal and I bet it is amazing in the winter. I'll have to go seek out some photos now!! I'm with you...sometimes an image like this can stay with me for years because it just feels perfect.


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