Big vs. Small

moss northwest Washington forestforest within a forest, beth hemmila

In the Northwest, miniature forests grow in the strangest of places. The other day my husband even found a small one growing out of his car!

And if you ever get to Portland, Oregon you must take a moment to visit the World's Smallest Park -- Mill Ends Park -- the only leprechaun home outside of Ireland.

Sometimes when you want something big you can often find a version of it small. The smallness of it's size is often the invitation that others overlook. Have you been wanting something? A studio space, a garden, a new car? Sometimes there is something small that you are overlooking that is just waiting for you :)


  1. What a beautiful photo! I'm not necessarily always thinking about things in a smaller version, but I know they can be just as (or more so) inspirational than their larger version. I do have to laugh at my hubby who is always wanting things in the gargantuan size.

  2. Alice, man = big is always a hoot to watch!

    Thanks all for seeing the message in this tiny forest :)


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