Dishrack Kitty

Don't you love it when there are no boundaries?


  1. LOL, how about chutzpah? She looks like she's darin' u to tell her to get off...

  2. so funny, a catrack..i need one of these.

  3. This is exactly what I love most about cats.

  4. i so very much do... i agree with leann, i adore cats...

  5. i can almost see the thought bubble above her head...."What?"

  6. Chris, you've nailed it! Sierra does have quite a bit of chutzpah! We have nicknamed her "danger kitty" :)

    Spirited Earth -- catracks -- they could be sweeping the nation!

    Keirsten, "what?" and then second bubble "who me?"

    Sierra, says a big meow to everyone for enjoying her antics. Hope you are enjoying the lightness in the season!!


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