Gem Stories: Turquoise

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A tiny piece of sky, the ocean blue, or the birthstone for the month of December, whatever personal connection you have with turquoise, it is surely a stone of sacred proportions.

Used for centuries by humans, found all over the world, and thought to be one of the first crystals used for adornment, protection, and good luck, turquoise is imbued with ancient history. I think of turquoise as a grandmother stone -- filled with wisdom that has been passed down through the ages.

silver dove peace earrings jewelry turquoiseDove of Peace earrings, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry)
sterling silver, turquoise, and silver dove of peace charms

She's a keeper of myths and teller of tall tales -- a medicine woman. A healer for body and soul and a protector of community and values. She accepts all people and events into her life equally and without judgment.

Who wouldn't want turquoise -- this grandmother stone -- to be a force in their lives?


  1. maybe that is why turquoise has always been my very favorite...beautiful work

  2. I have such a deep love for turquoise so it is pretty great that it is my birthstone as well. Lovely work as always!

  3. jean, it has an irresistible draw for me too!

    Terrah, lucky you to have be given this birthstone! May you wear it in peace and joy :)


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