Penguin Love

silver penguin snow winter charm necklace jewelry Antarctica, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry)
silver charms snowflake, penguin, and stillness
gemstones: aquamarine and grey freshwater pearl

I've never traveled to some place as remote and extreme as Antarctica. Considered the coldest place on earth and technically classified as a desert, Antarctica is home to emperor penguins. These amazing creatures were the stars of my favorite documentary The March of the Penguins (La Marche de l'Empereur). My husband and went around performing penguin hugs for months after our viewing.

Maybe you're a fan of Happy Feet, which I hear is coming out with a sequel next year, or if you want to date yourself Chilly Willy who hails from Fairbanks, Alaska. Whatever the context, penguins seem to delight our spirits and warm our hearts.

Featured in this necklace is my new Hint Jewelry penguin charm -- my last holiday surprise before the new year. Imagining what life is like in Antarctica, I paired my penguin with a snowflake and the sound of stillness.

Here's hoping those penguins huddle close and stay warm this year!


  1. I like the selection of charms! So fitting...

  2. That charm captures the essence of penguins perfectly! I came to love penguins when we lived in Australia where we had fairy penguins. Little relatives of the emperor. It was always a treat to go to places like Phillip Island and watch their nightly return from the ocean. You could sit quit still and they would walk right around you up into the dunes where they nested.

  3. So cute! And the necklace evokes that particular muffled silence of winter very well.

    My partner and I still do penguin hugs!

  4. Beth,
    It's adorable!
    My Dad was in the Seabees & went to Antartica.
    He was quite enchanted with these penguins.
    As a child I loved to hear his stories, look at his pics & dress up in his heavy gear walking around the house like an Emperor penguin.
    Another great connection..:)

  5. LeAnn, how neat you had fairy penguins to commune with!

    Diane, what fun to know your dad cavorted with penguins!!

    Amy, haha! Aren't penguin hugs the best?

    Thanks everyone for enjoying my new penguin charm and this design :)


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