Spiritual New Year

I almost feel silly talking about the New Year in the midst of holiday fun, but then I was thinking about the Christian advent season and how it is a symbolic preparation for the coming of light into the world.

During this time before Winter Solstice, we are experiencing the earth tilting farther and farther away from the sun. Winter Solstice, on December 21, is the turning point when we come back into the presence of the sun. The sun is reborn into our lives.

All of our holiday celebrations during the month of December are preparing us for this momentous event -- light in our lives, a new day, a new year, and ultimately change. So while we prepare, celebrate, feast, and engage in giving and receiving, why not keep in our minds eye the promise that is waiting -- the New Year.

What better way to embrace the New Year, then communing with universal symbols of spiritually. There are so many more for me to make but these are just a few spiritual symbols that I have in Hint Jewelry's charm collection that I thought looked like best of friends holding hands.


  1. A beautiful variety of different beliefs!. U go girl!. hey, how about a stone between the lotus and star of David?

  2. Love the different charms for the different beliefs! Awesome!

  3. Chris, that would be a beautiful placement for a stone! Hmmm...which one to choose?

    Thanks so much for enjoying these symbols!


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