Squirrel Buddha

wood box squirrel feedersquirrel buddha

Do you have a squirrel Buddha in your backyard? Haha, we do and boy does he love our new squirrel feeder. Just look at his jolly belly filled with nuts and seeds!

This squirrel feeder was one of the final additions to backyard garden in hopes of keeping four legged critters separate from the birds. So far it's really been working out. We mounted the feeder directly outside our kitchen window, so while I'm cooking, I get to watch the little guys enjoying a snack.

Have you been making any winter preparations for your backyard creatures?


  1. The squirrels I have are trapeze artists. They jump from tree to tree.. Unfortunately they up end the bird feeder and scare off the birds... I'm for the birds- they're so innocent.. They don't have a chance against crows or hawks...

  2. I'll have to let Bob Dog know that all those fat squirrels running around the back garden are actually little budhas. Maybe he will appreciate them more.

  3. What a wonderful shot - he´s so cute!!!

    Don´t forget to pick up your Blog with substance award at: http://flowermouse.blogspot.com/

    Merry christmas!!!

  4. So much snow and ice it's impossible to get out and fill the bird feeders. I put seed out on the table on the porch so the cat can watch "Kitty TV" from inside.

  5. Chris, your squirrels sound like quite a scene! Hope your little birds stay safe :)

    LeAnn, good luck translating this concept into dog speak!

    Flowermouse, thank you so much for the gracious award! Happy holidays :)

    Zoe, what a nifty idea to bring them closer to the window!!


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