2011 Year of the Rabbit Baby

A friend on Etsy saw my sterling silver Rabbit Run charm and reminded me that next month beginning on February 3rd, 2011, according to the Chinese zodiac, we enter the Year of the Rabbit. To be more exact it is the Year of the Metal Rabbit or Golden Rabbit.

The prediction for Year of the Rabbit is that life will be more quiet, fun, and relaxed. Babies born during this time will take on rabbit-like characteristics and will be more sensitive, creative, friendly, and compassionate. Oh, to be a lucky baby born this coming year! Wouldn't that be fun to be a rabbit baby?

The rabbit is also associated with the moon -- the perfect symbol for wish making. So remember to take advantage of some full moon gazing during the Year of the Rabbit. I'm guessing you can never have too much moon dust and moon glow in your life!

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