Garden Diary: Northwest Winter


Unlike places that are all covered in snow there is actually quite a bit of activity going on in my Northwest garden in Portland Oregon.

We left some flower heads on for birds to find a perch.

garden stone

My mom and dad gave us this wonderful stone as a Christmas present. My husband temporarily placed it in the front near the tickseed, but its final destination is yet to be determined.

I LOVE the beauty in that saying!

cover crop

My cover crop is actually looking rather vibrant and seems to be thriving. I planted a cover crop of mixed cereal grass and legumes over the small vegetable patch in the front yard garden so it wouldn't look bare through the winter and would add nutrients to the soil in the spring.


And then there are some interesting colors and textures that you can only see during the winter, such as the dead leaves from this iris. I suppose we should cut them soon, but they're so lovely in their decay.


Alas, there is new life coming forth. I can't remember the name of this bush, but I do recall it flowers rather early in the season. Here it is starting to bud up. In the Northwest, beauty is just around the corner for February tends to be a month filled with all sorts of exciting bulbs starting to blossom.

However, for the meantime it's fun just to enjoy this in between state of our garden and take in the wonder of a Northwest winter.


  1. thanks for sharing your garden photos..that looks perhaps like a rododendron bush.
    I remember the winters in Eugene..my garden was mostly brown,dirt and mulch..down here in coastal Texas there is so much green year round..i miss the fall explosion of colors

  2. So nice to see something that is not buried under 3 feet of white! I love the look of the cover crop so close up. And the striations of color on the iris leaves. But those blooms just make me happy! Spring will come again. Thank you for sharing.
    Enjoy the day!

  3. Thanks for heads up on the bush, Spirited Earth! It is so different seeing the winter garden in the Northwest. I'd love to see what Texas looks like this time of year. Nevertheless, that fall color is to die for :)

    Erin, haha! It's so easy to forget everybody else is covered in white. Glad this had you dreaming about the future.


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