Gem Stories: Garnet

silver milagro cross pendant necklace jewelrySilver Milagro Cross Necklace, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry)
sterling silver wire, fine silver milagro cross pendant, and garnets

This is still one of my favorite necklaces from when I was starting to make jewelry. Not only because of my experiment with making a milagro cross pendant out of precious metal clay, but also because I chose to use only garnets, the birthstone for January.

I've always been in love with garnets because they are my birthstone, and they seem to pack a big punch in a simple way. Though it comes in a variety of colors, I am most drawn to this deep red hue that looks like a delicious bottle of Merlot.

Deriving from the Latin word granatum, "seed of the pomegranate," -- an ancient symbol of fertility -- it's no wonder that garnets rule over all matters of the heart. If you want to attract romance, rekindle passion, or mend a broken heart, garnet is up to the task.

I like to think of garnet as that seductive, mature woman, who has been around the block when it comes to love and is completely unafraid of putting her passions out there. She is that confidant you run to for advice when you get duped by love or you need a bit of matchmaking. But most of all, she is completely driven to live life to its fullest. She inspires you to be passionate in all your endeavors -- be it love of another or pursuing a dream.


  1. I love garnets, especially the rich red colour. I think I'd love them even if they weren't my birthstone. In fact today is my birthday. I like your interpretation of the garnet as the mature woman. I am feeling particularly mature today and it is lovely to feel that maturity brings attractive qualities aside from grey hair and life lines. Thank you for that!

  2. This is gorgeous! You don't happen to have that cross pendant for sale, do you? LOVE it (especially the bunny!)

  3. Hi Beth: I too was wondering if you would be adding a Milagro cross to your collection? I LOVE it!

  4. Your necklace is gorgeous! Beautiful color and design details! I love the bunny!

    Metal Clay Heads Team Member on Etsy!

  5. LeAnn, Happy Birthday and may you feel attractive and passionate every day!!

    Unfortunately, this cross pendant is still in limbo design status. I was hoping it would launch in 2010 but probably not until Christmas 2011. Thanks for everyone's feedback on this cross. It helps to light a fire under my feet :)

  6. I love this and hope you will have it in stock soon.


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