The Sketchbook Challenge

Back in August while I was drawing pictures with my nieces -- the inspiration that led to my 120 day Heart Speak drawing challenge -- Sue Urquhart from Lulu Bug Jewelry had already been blogging about Drawing Just for the Fun of It using Zentangles.

When I came across her post in September, I got goosebumps. I love how ideas are always floating out there and people will almost simultaneously jump onto the same wave as it moves around in space and time. This made me realize that my little drawing project was really part of a whole team of sketchbook people out there searching for something within their creativity.

As a holiday coma clouded my life, I stopped connecting out in cyber space and focused on Hint and my Heart Speak sketchbook. Then last week while stopping by a bunch of blogs, I noticed that sketchbook fever had spread and there is some of the coolest stuff happening out there.

I saw LeAnn Weih at Summers Studio exploring Zentangles who had been inspired by Marsha Neal's Zentangle who had been inspired by a Zentangle doodle blog. You get the picture? Creativity is spreading like wildfire out there!!!

This kind of connection and how we simultaneously relate through something that gives us pleasure totally excites me. That's why when I saw a posting on Blue Moon River called The Sketchbook Challenge last week, I had to share it on my blog because it's just such a wonderful idea to bring people together.

Launched on the 1/1/2011 The Sketchbook Challenge is a project that invites people to fill their notebooks based on a monthly theme. The Sketchbook Challenge has a blog and sponsors who will be promoting giveaways and special offers. The Sketchbook Challenge is a place to see what others come up with, learn new tricks, and connect with other sketchbook people. You can also share pictures of your own sketchbook musings during this challenge on a flickr group.

It's never too late to start your sketchbook and January's theme is "Highly Prized."


  1. Thanks, Beth!. Even tho I don't draw, I can use a lot of the ideas for my art journal..What a creative blog site..

  2. Checking it out! I haven't let myself draw just for fun in years. It's wonderfully liberating. Although I don't draw so much as doodle.

  3. Great! I am doing the Drawing Lab with Jeannie and Marsha and I am so impressed with the Zentangles. I have always done that sort of thing and now there are places to help come up with patterns. Brilliant community really. I would love to translate some into designs for me, not sure how yet. This week our lab includes doing a doodle type drawing! So cool to watch where this will take people and I might pop in from time to time.
    Enjoy the day!

  4. Chris, glad you loved this site. It looks like it is going to have lots of sparks of inspiration.

    LeAnn, I know the feeling. Everything I've done in the last couple years has had a reason attached to it. It was liberating realizing I had stopped enjoying making sketches :) Have fun!!

    Ering, how cool you are doing the Drawing lab! Looking forward to seeing where it leads you.


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