Communicating Personal Stories with Charms

Beth Hemmila, Hint Charms

I've been feeling slightly disconnected from my work, and so last week I picked out some Hint charms that were symbols I've been meaning to explore in my own personal life.

Beth Hemmila, Hint Charms: sterling silver hedgehog and Buddha charm

I felt a lot like a little kid who was creating their own personal language. When I placed the hedgehog next to the Buddha, things lightened up inside me. I've been wanting to blog about the symbolism of hedgehogs and how it relates to women for a long time, but just haven't sat down and put it all together. By making this necklace, I was saying in symbols what I hadn't been able to verbalize in words.

Beth Hemmila, Hint Charms: sterling silver gazelle and elephant charm

I've been dreaming about the symbols of Vata -- antelope and elephant -- and how these are the physical undercurrents running through my life. How do I channel this tremendous impulsive Vata energy in a healthy way and remain balanced?

Beth Hemmila, Hint Charms: sterling silver hedgehog, hand of fatima, eye of horus charms

Egyptian art has been quite alluring to me lately, and so it was intriguing to put these three ancient symbols together. They seem to create a kind of emotional sentence that I have yet to decipher.

Beth Hemmila, Hint Charms: sterling silver elephant and hand of fatima charm
This elephant and Hand of Fatima was another spontaneous combination that came about from just matching charms up with each other. This pair seemed to say, "We will bring you luck!"

Beth Hemmila, Hint Charms: sterling silver gazelle, hedgehog, and hand of fatima charm

Lastly, I realized that like a symphony, you can create many layers to your story. The antelope in the foreground for my Vata nature is the force that people may experience when they first interact with me, but the deeper wisdom of the hedgehog and an all seeing eye are aspects that feel like germinating seeds inside me.

Whatever your medium -- drawing, gardening, cooking, sewing, teaching, mothering, photography, etc. -- you are working with symbols on a daily basis. Sometimes just sitting down, playing with symbols, and creating new connections by placing them side by side can help you express something you've been wanting to say but words are unable to capture the depth of the message.

What symbols are you wanting to connect with and what are they saying about you?


  1. Beth, I love this collection you have put together..especially the second one that shows the warding of evil w/the hedgehog...profound.

  2. Chris, Thank you so much for loving these charms put together! I too am wondering what that hedgehog and hand of fatima are saying. I'm looking forward to understanding more. Thank you for noticing it too and encouraging me to look deeper :)


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